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Nordmad Product

Collection, preparation
packaging and export
of local products

The NORDMAD PRODUCT Company is specialized in the collection, preparation, packaging and export of local products from the north of the island. His flagship product is the Madagascar vanilla. However, the company also proposes other products such as coffee and clove. The products we prepare comply with the most stringent standards. To ensure their quality, the manager is accompanied by a team of over than 35 years of experience in each area.

Concerned with the region's ethical values, our company always practices traditional techniques to process products.

Practicing these techniques, we are in direct contact with local producers. Therefore, each stape of the treatment process, from the plantation to the export, is checked with the utmost care by the manager himself. Whereas most of nowadays’ big companies rather focus on industrial manufacturing process of vanilla.

Our products

« Our challenge is to offer a better quality »

Flagship product : Madagascar vanilla

NORDMAD PRODUCT is to offer you an outstanding product with its 35 years of experience team in the field.

Types of vanilla available :



Production unit : 3

Vanilla export capacity : 300 tons per year

Coffee export capacity : 1500 tons per year

Clove capacity export : 500 tons per year